My Trail Camera Captured Bigfoot

September 23, 2011 15 comments

Last month I bought new trail camera, Wildgame Pulse 10X, from Amazon and put it in deep forest in nation park. Yesterday, I went to the point I install it to bring it back. After upload all pictures to laptop, I found something look like a bigfoot but I’m not sure because it’s too far from the camera.


Gamer Camera for Hunting

September 21, 2011 20 comments

Hello, welcome to gamercameo, the blog posting about game camera to improve your hunting. It also called trail camera or scouting camera. Mainly advantage is can capture wildlife behavior as pictures and video. You can put it in the woods or food plot where the animals live or pass. Its prices are range from $60 to $500 up to additional features and image quality. And I will share my photos in this blog and will wait for your commend.